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Almost Out of Gas? Here’s How to Make It to the Next Gas Station

Anyone who has taken a long road trip knows the worry that sets in when your petrol tank is down to its final gallon and there isn’t a gas station in sight. Perhaps you needed to pay more attention when your gas light turned on, or you were attempting to avoid stopping since you knew you were getting close to your destination. Did you know there are certain things you can do to make your gas last a little bit longer? To avoid having to dial for roadside assistance, find out how to use that last gallon to travel to the next gas station by reading on.

Start Looking

You must start looking for a gas station as soon as your gas light turns on. Normally, the gas light turns on when the gas tank has between 30 and 50 miles remaining. While this can seem like a lot, it could not be as much petrol as you think if you’re on a lengthy stretch of highway without gas stations. Even if the closest station is behind you or a little out of your path, you might think about stopping if you haven’t seen a sign in a while and searching for it on your phone.

Roll up the Windows

Rolling up your windows could help you conserve gas if they are currently down. The wind resistance is better with the windows rolled up when traveling at high speed. Rolling down the windows makes your car less aerodynamic, which increases drag. However, it probably won’t matter much if you’re traveling at speeds lower than those on the highway.

Turn off the AC

Turning off the AC is one thing that will make the miles seem to go by a little faster, and we don’t just mean that figuratively. Your car’s fuel economy can be reduced by 25% by the air conditioner and heater, which can make the difference between making it to the gas station before you run out of gas when time is of the essence. Remember that you will already be waiting in the heat for roadside assistance if you run out of gas. Do what you can while you still have the chance.

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